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Saka International Trading Enterprises is an established business entity engaged in cultivating, supplying and exporting of cash crops, raw foods and animal products.

Agriculture in Nigeria

Agriculture is one of the most important sectors of Nigeria’s economy. More that 70% of the labor force is concentrated in the agriculture sector. It mostly depends on the small and scattered agricultural farms. The products that they yield are divided into two groups – food crops and industrial crops. The latter can also be referred to as cash crops or export crops.

More than 30% of the population are employed thanks to the agriculture sector. Around 33% of the land area in Nigeria is under cultivation. Around two-thirds of the crops production is contributed by small farms. They use simple production techniques, and usually, the areas are no bigger than two hectares. Farmers either use food crops for home consumption or sale. They spend a lot of time on the farm – usually, it can be the only source of food and money. The agriculture sector of Nigeria is improving rapidly. The government is making efforts in order to develop the agriculture sector. There are some industrial improvements that will make crops cultivation cheaper and easier.

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List of Cash Crops in Nigeria

There are different cash crops in Nigeria. There are root cash crops such as: Taro (cocoyams); Cassava; Yams; Sweet potatoes. And tree crops such as: Cacao; Rubber; Oil Palm. The tree crops are very popular and are the main cash crops of the country, especially cacao and oil palm. The are used to produce cocoa and palm wine. As previously mentioned, smallholder farmers contribute a lot to the agricultural sector of the country. They grow yams, cowpeas, sorghum, cassava, corn, millet, cocoyams and sweet potatoes on the farms.


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